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Are You Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space?

Are You Making the Most of Your Kitchen Space?

Having a neatly organized kitchen takes more than expert puzzle-solving skills when you have an overwhelming collection of dishes, utensils and supplies. Kitchen Tune-Up knows how to maximize the value of every inch of your kitchen so you can keep everything you need on hand.

Roll Out All the Stops

People who love to cook want the spices they use most often within easy reach. There are several ways Kitchen Tune-Up can optimize access to your spices. Roll-out spice racks can be added to narrow wall or base cabinets. You can also store oil containers in these for easy access. Spice organizers can be added to roll-out trays or drawers.

Another great way to maximize space is by installing roll-out trays. These make it easier to access items in the back of cabinets, allowing you to use every inch. When you can easily see everything on the shelf, you no longer find yourself buying duplicates or finding items that are way out of date.

Kitchen Space

Do you cross the kitchen every time you need to throw something away?

How far from the sink is your trash container? It can be hard to find a space to place it that is within easy reach of the sink and not in the way. Kitchen Tune-Up can help identify options for a roll-out trash bin. It is possible to repurpose a section of a base cabinet for a roll-out trash bin.

Cut Into the Corners

Storage space can be unlocked with a blind corner unit for your corner cabinet. When you access the cabinet next to the corner, all you'll have to do is swing out the shelves to bring the corner's contents into view! There are several types of blind corner units available. Kitchen Tune-Up can identify the options for your kitchen.

Spin Your Organization Around

A lazy Susan has one of the most misleading names in kitchen gadgetry. One sitting in a corner of a corner base cabinet can provide easy access to a full supply of pantry items, or cookware.  Each shelf spins separately so you can easily locate what you need. This piece isn't lazy in the slightest.  Lazy Susan units can also be added to corner wall cabinets!

End With a Custom Fit

The kitchen remodeling experts at  Kitchen Tune-Up can help you with all of the above and go one step further with custom storage solutions tailored to your family's specific space and storage needs. We'll analyze your existing space to find which organizers will work best for you. Give us a call today to get started on your kitchen remodel!