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7 Trendy Kitchen Color Combinations

7 Trendy Kitchen Color Combinations

Whether it be the bold, industrial look of stainless steel, or the clean elegant look of all white, the kitchen should be a space for a homeowner's style and sensibility to shine. 

For the vast spectrum of personalities out there, there is sure to be a trendy color scheme to match.

#1 White and Gold

This color scheme helps maintain the fresh, elegant look of an all-white kitchen, with a little pizzazz mixed in.

A creative layout would involve unadorned windows with white countertops , backsplash, and sink.

Mix in some soft green or beige cabinet facing with metallic gold hardware, fixtures, and accessories, and it will feel like cooking in a dream.

#2 Modern Marble

There are now solid surface options in a variety of marble patterns that can give a kitchen all of the stony look and ease-of-cleaning qualities of an authentic marble surface at a fraction of the cost.

Pair some solid surface marble countertops with softer color cabinets to provide a stunning contrast of power and tenderness in any cook space.

#3 Red, White, and Blue

For those a little more on the adventurous side who want to do something bold, nothing can show off a personality quite like this kitchen layout.

An especially fun combination for families with children, this color scheme has virtually limitless possibilities, with soft blue and red cabinet and drawer facings alternating to contrast against white surfaces being a favorite layout of many.

What’s more, by getting creative with your kitchen window ideas , you can become a favorite during grilling season, as nothing screams “America” like a pass-through window connecting your red, white, and blue kitchen with the outdoor patio.

#4 Poppy Orange and Ebony

This color scheme has the unique distinction of being considered both classic and trendy, a favorite over the years for those who value contrast above all else in their kitchen.

It is almost too easy to visualize the dark, matte countertops and walls effortlessly framing the shiny, reddish-orange cabinets and drawers.

With metallic silver handles and fixtures and sparkling white floors and ceilings, this layout is just as modern today as it was 50 years ago.

#5 Aqua and Chartreuse

Lively, invigorating colors for the kitchen are never a bad choice, as nothing can put a smile on the face like the sun pouring in on some soft blues and greens on a weekend morning.

The trick with this layout is not going overboard with the aqua and chartreuse, maybe skirting the breakfast bar or butcher block with these colors while keeping the rest of the kitchen neutral.

A particularly fun and modern look may be an aqua-skirted breakfast bar, chartreuse colored seat cushions, plywood cabinets , solid surface concrete countertops, and stainless steel appliances.

#6 Blue and Brown

This combination is for those who want to be trendy while staying true to the earth.

A great layout combines glass tiles of varying shades of blue on the walls, alchemy and concrete countertops, and wood cabinets, drawers, and skirting.

This gives the kitchen the feel of water (walls), stone (countertops), and sand (cabinets), making for a walk on the beach without ever leaving your kitchen.

#7 Yellow, White, and Charcoal

This is a popular combination in home offices and bedrooms but should not be excluded from the ranks of trendy kitchen designs.

Charcoal countertops, yellow chairs, and white facings just scream of a trendy, modern downtown juice bar, making this kitchen a surefire hit among younger homeowners. 

The best part is that this kitchen has a high degree of customizability, with any of these colors playing well in a variety of kitchen locations. 

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